SMT Bootcamps scheduled for Oct/Nov 2021

SMT Bootcamp classes coming up!    Oct 12-13 sold out!, Oct 14-15, Nov 9-10    9am to 5pm

This 2-day class is intended for Technicians, Engineers, Quality, and Management that have responsibility over aspects of SMT assembly.  This is a 2-day class focusing on practical foundations of the SMT process, with an emphasis on improving yields. We appreciate your consideration - hope you can make it! 

Bonus session:  X-ray inspection

Day 2 will include an afternoon session with hands-on training on X-ray inspection and analytical tool for PCBA inspection! Students will have an opportunity to operate a Nikon Metrology X-ray station with real time, 3D inspection capability. This component will focus on identifying defects, anomalies, and process indicators under bottom-terminated components.

Questions and registration requests should be sent This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..